Ois4 OMARI - Room 1420

23 Jan

"Grandma was a slave, daddy fought his battles"

A great thing about having a platform, is being able to see artist grow. Being able to see an artist get better with every release and apply focus. An artist that has shown growth with every release is Ois4 OMARI and his new song "Room 1420" is a shining example of his dedication to his craft. 

Ois4 OMARI is powerful on his new song "Room 1420".  This track released on MLK Day and a direct quote on the record from Ois4 Omari is  "I salute the man that was shot outside of his hotel room as well as the fictional man who reconnected a lot of it. Ferocious rap from Martin Luther Kilmonger aka YUNG Milli Vatrilli.".

Ois4 OMARI's "Room 1420" is exciting and accelerating as he raps with supreme focus with a flow that commands your attention, while dropping hard lines at every turn that makes this track gold. Ois4 gives you a minute and thirty nine seconds of incredible hip hop craftsmanship, that makes you wish the track was longer after being left in complete awe and amazement. 

Check out Ois4 OMARI "Room 1420" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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