OfficialAztec - WTF

05 Mar

"Tell em what the f**k is up, tell em who you wit now"

The great thing about having a platform for music is you get a lot of music. A lot of great music and a lot of duds as well. The latter always poses the question "Which artist is going to shine from the pack and save the day?". OfficialAztec shines and exceeds any standard one can set musically with his new track "WTF".

OfficialAztec gives the people that swagger and bravado over this mellow beat on "WTF" that makes people fans for life. OfficialAztec oozes confidence as he masterfully spits his raw lyrics that pack a punch that easily makes him a problem for any emcee out there.

OfficialAztec truly gives you everything on "WTF" from the right smooth beal selection, braggadocios flow, and hard rhymes that makes him a stand out in the rap game today. If you need some new music from your new favorite artist get familiar with rapper known as OfficialAztec.

Check out OfficialAztec "WTF" below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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