Obeah featuring Chuck D - Against The Grain (Prod. Mux Mool)

07 Dec

"What is it you live for, What is it you die for"

What defines excellence more in this thing called Hip Hop than master emceeing? High skill level of flow, brilliant messages articulated in the lyrics, and hard production with a sample flip and 808's knocking out your speaker. All of that is what Obeah gives you on his new track featuring Chuck D called "against The Grain" produced by Mux Mool

Obeah is an emcee under Chuck D's Spit Slam Imprint and with such a legendary affiliation, you can only assume how nice he is on the mic. Obeah is everything you could imagine and more. Obeah's flow is polished to perfection as he floats all over this production in the right pocket. 

Obeah uses his voice to spark thought and ignite change on "Against The Grain" as he displays true understanding of the power has as an emcee. and uses his voice for good. Obeah's style is perfect for this Mux Mool production as he raps masterfully over this great production. The legendary Chuck D is the icing on the cake for a perfectly made track with his commanding presence being felt, as he gives the message of how mentally people are being trained to chase for the illusion of fame.

Check out Obeah featuring Chuck D "Against The Grain" Produced by Mux Mool below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!




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