✘O✘V✘T - 3(s)

26 Nov

"I pop out it like they seen a ghost"

Monday is here! We are fresh off the holiday weekend that i hope was great to you all but it's time for some more great music to give to you. Monday's are always about bringing you the freshest music out there. Music that's high quality and creative. Montreal's ✘O✘V✘T fits the bill with his new song 3(s).

✘O✘V✘T is an alternative r&b act from Montreal who gives you nothing but flavor on "3(s)". ✘O✘V✘T has a very unique abstract sound that makes you see stars over this production with the right amount of bass and synth pads that take you to space.

 ✘O✘V✘T's "3(s)" is the perfect balance of swagger filled lyrics, a flow that oozes confidence, over the perfect production that brings everything home.  ✘O✘V✘T has a sound that is pecial and that will make you want to hear more from this uniquely talented artist.

Check out  ✘O✘V✘T "3(s)" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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