NyuKyung - Let It Spray

13 May

"All these rappers is third to me"

We make it known that Mondays are all about excellence and exudes excellence more than an artist with their own signature style. An artist who creates and perform at a high level giving you high class material of audio with every second their song is played. That's everything NyuKyung gives you on his new song "Let It Spray".

NyuKyung was first on Global Money World with his song "Akuma" and even broke it down for us on "Master Pen". Now NyuKyung crafts together a lyrical onslaught and makes this beat his own for his new song "Let It Spray". He is brilliant in his approach, firing on all cylinders with lyrical bombs and torpedoes, as each line carrying fire to burn this track down. The flow is relentless and is hard enough to deliver the raw lyrics with the ultimate conviction, while also balancing it with some smooth vocals, that really sells is high class level of emceeing to perfection.

NyuKyung's "Let It Spray" is him at his finest. It's a must listen for every music lover out there. He displays excellence from beginning to end. From the sharp lyrics that shows how incredible his pen is, the accelerating flow that brings excitement, and it's all over a beat that sounds tailor made for him to snap on.

Check out NyuKyung "Let it Spray" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!




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