Numi - Rounds

03 Nov

"just bounce, I can't take another round"

Many different things factor into artists that are posted. A great song always helps but it's also much more than that. It can be the unique sound an artist has, individuality that shines bright on the song, and some people just sound like a star. Bay Area's Numi fits all of those with her new song "Rounds".

Numi  gives an outstanding performance on "Rounds" over an enchanting production while Numi's vocals magically pull you in and have you lost in the music. Numi's "Rounds" is the perfect fusion of hip hop and r&b with the production having a hip hop feel that meshes well with Numi's smooth vocals and confident swagger that feels very hip hop.

Numi sounds like the star of tomorrow on "Rounds" with her own special style that is unique to her talents and shines bright all over this amazing record.

Check out Numi "Rounds" below and also follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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