Noreiyea - Exotic

27 Dec

"Never been a time I that I ain't have the juice, my name really Bishop in my city"

Chicago has the perfect storm to emerge as the top city for Hip Hop. There's not one city that gives you so many different styles of music and all of them being performed at a high level than Chicago. They truly cover all sides of the spectrum of Hip Hop and give something for everyone to love. An artist that embodies this and should definitely be on your radar is Noreiyea with his new song "Exotic".

Noreiyea is a multi - talented artist and producer who shines with his electric and charismatic style on "Exotic". The production is high energy and has plenty of bass to knock out your speakers, as Noreiyea flexes his commanding presence all over this track with plenty of bravado and flair at every turn.

Noreiyea's "Exotic" gives the listeners everything they are looking for in music from great lyrics, superb flow, high energy delivery, and all over a knocking production that will have the people moving from start to finish.

Check out Noreiyea "Exotic" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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