Nocturnal - 1998

12 Nov

"Can't even count my bars, I write too many rhymes"

One of the many things that made people connect to hip hop were the stories that were told. The personal stories of the artists struggles and adversities always made hip hop so relatable to self, to the point the music became apart of the daily regimen to get you through the day. That feel is exactly what emcee Nocturnal gives you on his new track "1998" off his new project "Holdin Onto Hope" that is available now on all streaming services.

Nocturnal gives an amazing heartfelt performance on "1998". Nocturnal articulates to perfection his journey in music and all of the challenges one faces trying to make it in the music game, especially with lines like "Listen Dad I gotta make it, not enough to try, see I gotta leave a legacy before I die".

Nocturnal's "1998" is truly the soundtrack for dreamers with the flow being as ambitious as they come, the pen being razor sharp in it's story telling, and an amazing performance on this production as he gives you the perfect blend of melody and bars.

Check out Nocturnal "1998" below as well as his new project "Holdin Onto Hope" and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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