New York Hip Hop Artist The Outcastkid takes us through his creative mind, "I Gotta Eat", and what's to come

01 Jan

To consider yourself an outcast, is to accept that you're rejected by society and meant to stand out. The Outcastkid is an artist who is meant to stand out. With his new single "I Gotta Eat" dropping today he's ready to take over the world and show why he's special beyond the pack. The Outcastkid was gracious enough to take the time to answer a few questions for us. Below is the interview.

Who is The Outcastkid the artist?

The Outcastkid is a kid who grew up not being invited to parties, getting curved by girls on a regular, and through it all not truly being understood by his family. Hence the name the Outcastkid. Always feeling like he stood out and did not go with the sheep of acquaintances and students in school.  

What are some of the influences for your style?

Some of his influences for his style defiantly came from the late Capital Steez, and Brooklyn artist Joey Bada$$ , influencing him to attack beats with a confident flow and energy accompanied by punchlines and double entendre’s. Growing up in school feeling weird and an outcast he turned to Kyle , Childish Gambino, and Logic, which influenced him to dive more into the video game and nerdy pop culture references of rap. 

What was your approach when creating “I Gotta Eat”?

My approach to the song “ I Gotta Eat “ was having the mindset of being tired, tired of being broke, tired of girls passing me by, and tired of not getting the respect I deserve. Just like the title says (it’s my time ) and in 2019 I gotta eat.

How does it feel now that “I Gotta Eat” is out to the people?

Now that “ I Gotta Eat (2019) “ is out it feels liberating , the fact that this was my first official Pre-order release, and having to wait for my fans to hear how I felt was making me go crazy, because I knew how hard the track came out, and everything I poured into it.  

What can people expect next from The Outcastkid?

What people can expect next is a collab with familiar face and sound to my fans Prod.Riddle Beats. Who produced my first breakout song “Shock Jockey” and  one of my more experimental tracks “Rick and Morty’s Outcast “ both off my album “Nerd DNA” 

(Instagram for him @Riddlebeats) (twitter @riddle_beats )

And I will also be releasing an album 4/7/19 called “Beast Coast”

Check out The Outcastkid's "I Gotta Eat" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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