New York emcee Quis goes in depth on his "BIRTHDAY" project, influences, and what's to come

09 Jan

Everyone has an idea of what hip hop should be. With music being so subjective, it's hard to tell anyone they're wrong but for me real hip hop is top level emceeing at it's finest. An emcee giving a gold standard of hip hop with sharp lyrics, well polished flow, and over the right production. That's everything that New York emcee Quis does. Since hearing Quis on his song "BoysTurnBlue" we've been intrigued with his work. He was gracious enough to take the time to do an interview for us. Below is the interview. 

Who is Quis the artist?

Quis is Marquis J. Wilson- me. I am an actor based out of New York City who has also been doing music since 2012, under the name Mark Scott. I changed my name after I realized that music is about more than surface characteristics- lyricism, relatability, musicality etc, they're all great facets of the practice, but they aren't measurable stats. There's more to being a great artist- and if you have the capability to do more, then do more. Be comfortable with yourself. That's who Quis is, comfortable with himself.

What are some of the influences for your style?

My influences range from Jay-Z to John Mayer. Nas to Zac Brown Band. Listening to different genres and being open to various types of music influence my style. That was a big part of my BIRTHDAY album- being able to jump into different bags.

What was your approach when creating your “BIRTHDAY” project?

BIRTHDAY is a culmination of all that I've learned since I've started doing music. It's paying homage to classic moments in hip hop while showing versatility and showing love to the new school. I also recorded it in my car. I've always wanted to release a project on my birthday- it's the "BIRTHDAY" of Quis! Tierra Whack is dope too, just want to say that while I'm here. 

What influenced the song “BoysTurnBlue”?

I made "BoysTurnBlue" right after hearing Hov's "Moonlight" track, and keeping an eye on the #MeToo movement also. Terry Crews went public with the Adam Venit situation. Made me take a look at Hollywood and the song was intended to ask and answer certain questions about what it's worth to gain fame and notoriety that we all really want when it comes to our work... things that need to be recognized, what makes a kid that comes from nothing be so willing to sacrifice their integrity, surrender their money they earned, and sacrifice their free will just for the fame. It's a real conundrum- just like people like to talk down about R. Kelly's victims but the dynamic was that he promised them to world... and in return... 

What can people expect next from Quis?

A lot more work. I'm definitely putting a focus towards acting (While you're here, check out the webseries "BRIAN The Series" on YouTube, shoutout to squad) but I am definitely going to take some time to learn how to produce my own beats. I think I can cook some things up. I love acting though, so that's the focus right now. 

Check out Quis "BoysTurnBlue" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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