Neak - Legacy (Music Video)

08 Mar

"No bowing down for the worship, Jesus turning this water to wine in cursive"

We can preach all day about how Fridays are all about excellence, but it means nothing if we don't live it. Somethings are beyond a pleasure to witness and just a pure blessing to enjoy. Chicago's own Neak has truly blessed us with giving us a video for his song "Legacy" that is truly a modern day Hip Hop Picasso piece.

Neak provides an amazing video filled with clips of legendary artists while also showcasing himself as a star. Neak takes full control over the beat that sounds like Kanye West's "30 hours" on steroids with harder drums and guitar riffs as every line packing heavy punching power. He encompasses the soul and grit of Chicago in not only the record but the video as well.

Neak truly lives out his legacy as he attacks the beat with a style that sounds like the perfect blend of Chicago's soul sound and a flow that's reminiscent of a Section 80 Kendrick Lamar. Neak's song "Legacy" is soulful and bar heavy with so many lines you'll be stuck replaying each dope line before you get to ever finish the track.

Check out Neak's new video for "Legacy" below and also follow him on twitter. Stay Global my friends! 

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