Neak - KWESBAAR (Album Review)

08 May

When I was fresh in hip hop my older cousin introduced to me what is called the "Hip Hop Holy". A concept of hearing hip hop so true to the core that a spirit comes over you and makes you jump for joy and may even bring you to tears due to the greatness of the music. Neak makes you do just that with his new album "KWESBAAR". It's 13 songs of master class emceeing and soul infused jazz beats to make a work of art.

Elevation Everything: The perfect intro for the project. The sound starts off soulful with a voice effect speech that's reminiscent of 2Pac's "Something 2 die 4" interlude before Neak steps out the Batmobile, and delivers his signature style of rhyming with gems being in every line to make a track that's treasure for the listener. 

In My Life feat DJ RTST: "You know you made it when it's something to kill for" Neak keeps the music coming on this track featuring DJ RTST. The sound is so soulful and just so Hip Hop, as Neak's rapping is beyond supreme creating modern day jazz, with their being so much musical class and improvisational skills in his rhyme approach, as well as DJ RTST set at the end to to make a modern day classic.

Cashed Up: This track is the perfect display of Neak's sophistication with the his rhymes sliding all over this production, with the perfect mix of ambient synth pads ,and hard drums that create a wave for Neak's flow to surf over for three minutes of brilliance.

Do It For Love feat Rita J: "Put the guns down, give our girls wedding rings" If Uptown Saturday Night Camp Lo and College Dropout Kanye came together to make a track it would be this record. The production has an endless funk groove to it that Neak's style fits perfectly over, with Rita J being masterful in her approach with a rap voice that reminds you of Ladybug from Digable Planets. 

W.Y.T.A.M.: The track title being short for "What You Think About Me" is a smooth love track with Neak's pen shining with the slick poetic, and relatable lyrics and flow, being exhilarating to keep the pace pumping for this entire track.

War feat Rashid Hadee : "You too petty with your pedigree" One of the more daring tracks in every aspect as Neak and Rashid Hadee embody what it is for two emcees to take over a track, with sharp emceeing combined with consciously aware lyrics. Their work makes this track a record with unlimited replay value to catch all the messages provided by the pair.

Lost Fathers feat Erthe St. James : If you're looking for a track to make you speechless this is it. This may be the riskiest track with Neak tackling heavy content all over the track. Neak shows great spirit of understanding towards issues in the black community, and decides to show compassion instead of judgement, that shows just how powerful music can be when approaching with the utmost integrity. Erthe St. James provides the hook the right way with the right lyrics and right level of vulnerability to match it just right.

Gold feat Peter Jericho : The previous track provided understanding the issue. This track is letting us know our worth and how great we all truly are. The message is loud over this jazz infused beat, with drums that take you back to 90's Hip Hop. Each artists playing their position perfectly to make it all just right for the listener.

Remember, Hold On feat Sphqer: "Since a fetus I was made for a throne" The rawness in the production and sample technique, set the perfect tone with Neak rapping in a style that's reminiscent of classic freestyles, where a beat is thrown on and an emcee just goes for theirs. Sphqer's vocals give the perfect balance to the track with her smooth vocals delivering inspirational lyrics to keep going.

Slander II: "Freedom over everything" If someone needs to hear a track of Neak's emcee prowess. This is the perfect track. Neak has one of the purest rap styles you will hear present day, with him being on point in every aspect of his game over the soul sample and electric guitar of the production.

Kiss The Ring feat GLC: Mix the sound of Wu Tang with Chicago's soul sound and it will lead you to this record. This record is Chicago royalty with Neak snapping and GLC giving game to end the song with a style like Dungeon Family's Big Mike.

Fight: This one is my personal favorite. The sound is innovative and creative in it's approach with Neak letting the rhymes fly, being real, and introspective to the point you feel his story like it's yours.

Dreamer's Sadness (Ode to Kool And The Gang feat Taylor Iman: The perfect finale for this modern day classic. The synths shine and mash with the funk groove in the background while, Neak brings it home with high level of skill he's show throughout, while Taylor Iman addsthat extra level of soul to this stellar track.

If you love Hip Hop to your core this is the album you need in your life. Neak embodies being a living legend and creates a modern day classic that people will be talking about for years to come.

Check out Neak "KWESBAAR" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!  

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