Neak - For My City (Official Video)

29 Mar

"We greater then prison, won't let it chain us"

Music in general has so many different vibes but prominent vibe in Hip Hop is being fly. That music with a certain luxury vibe you can feel or aspire to live that makes you a fan. Neak does this perfectly with his new video "For My City". Neak has a lyrically soul sound that works magic and it's ever so present on his new release.

Neak brings a ghetto sophistication that makes for great music with his new song "For My City. The production is reminiscent of music you could've heard from Willie Hutch "The Mack" soundtrack. With the tone set just right Neak flows like wine, walking on water all over this track giving all game with his relatable and soulful lyrics, you can vibe out to forever.

Neak "For My City" is that high class sophisticated rap we've come to enjoy from this talented artist. The flow is infectious, the lyrics are the perfect blend of conscious and cool, that come together to make a style that is fluid and overflowing with swagger to make this a masterpiece.

Check out Neak "For My City" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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