Nate Husser - Oldie

24 Oct

"Came from robbing gold chains to rocking gold medals"

A lot of people think that hip hop and rap are the same thing. With the same ideology they in turn think that a rapper and an emcee is the same thing. The difference in the two is anyone can be a rapper. Rhyming words over a beat consistently can make you a rapper but an emcee is a master of ceremony, someone who lyrically paints a picture with their words, and command the listeners attention. Nate Husser shows he's a real emcee on his new song "Oldie".

Nate Husser has a commanding presence on "Oldie" with his powerful voice that goes perfect with his flow and hard lyrics. Nate Husser's flow is powerful over the production of 808's and nice synth pads as he raps with conviction with lines like "I then came out from the mud, baby I'm stained, can you hear me out".

Nate Husser's "Oldie" is a perfect example of high caliber hip hop with Nate Husser giving you excellence as he displays the total package of an emcee that makes for an amazing record.

Check out Nate Husser "Oldie" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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