nappy 01' - grapevine (prod by lukrative and hassan2k)

02 May

 "Money over fake friends, rather stack some dough"

Everyone listens to music for different reasons. Some listen to music to think and some listen to music to feel something. If you're looking for that music that you can feel and will make you move, then you owe it to yourself to hear that new song from nappy 01' that has that special bounce called "grapevine" produced by lukrative and hassan2k.

This new song "grapevine" by nappy 01' is an amazing display of music that shows just how creative he can get. The production is daring in its approach, that pays major dividends with a beat with hard bass with a light tone do it that nappy bounces all over. The vocal performance is packed with his signature swagger, while his songwriting shines that makes his presence felt on this smash.

The record "grapevine" is the perfect statement to let you know that this young star isn't going anywhere and you can expect magic whenever he drops. From the production, lyrics, and delivery, nappy 01' understands how to make music to a level that makes him destined for super stardom, as he comes together with lukrative and hassan2k to make a  musical gem.

Check out nappy 01' "grapevine" produced by lukrative and hassan2k below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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