MKHL & Alfa Blvck - FYTB

19 Nov

"We them n**gas right now"

Mondays are always about giving you excellence and who defines excellence more than MKHL and Alfa Blvck. They are always on point in every aspect of their craft and remain true to the standard they uphold on the new video "FYTB".

MKHL and Alfa Blvck come together to create a smash with "FYTB"! The song is high energy and they come with a dope visual to really sell this amazing recordMKHL brings plenty of flavor to this track with his braggadocios charismatic style that fits perfectly over this bass filled production with plenty of bounce. MKHL lyrics are on point especially with lines like "lil n**gas make the hood sick, I'm just trying to make the hood rich" that really give you admiration for his performance.

Alfa Blvck gives us more than we could ever ask for from his as he consistently gives us his best work with "FYTB" being added to his long list of amazing performances. Alfa's flow is phenomenal and his lyrics are mean with lines like "She f**k with the right song, I f**k with my ice on".

MKHL and Alfa Blvck come together and create the perfect balance of a mainstream bounce and real emceeing anyone will love.

Check out MKHL and Alfa Blvck "FYTB" video below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!


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