Mike Melinoe feat Kendra Sells and The Teeta - Insomnia

01 Dec

"We not wishing for the violence,we just tempted when surrounded"

One of my favorite hip hop scenes is Detroit. From the streets to the conscious material Detroit has a lot to offer from both sides of the spectrum. One of my favorites is Mike Melinoe. Mike Melinoe made his first appearance on the Global Media Blog with his song "Her Name" and immediately became a stand out with his own unique style. Mike Melinoe's new song "Insomnia" is a deeper approach that works to perfection.

Mike Melinoe gives a complex love story on "Insomnia", as he tells the story of living his dream, but life become reckless, and losing touch with the one who was there from the start. Mike has the perfect balance of rapping with power, as you can hear the confidence in his cadence, but the vulnerability in his voice at a genius level that connects to the soul.

Mike Melinoe enlists Kendra Sells for the feature that delivers a soulful vocal performance, that gives the record the right voice it needs to deliver the message. Kendra's feature opens up the story more and gives each side a voice to tell their truth, that makes the song appealing beyond words.

The Teeta is the final feature that brings this amazing track home. The Teeta has a voice that is commanding as has as much soul as a blues record as writes his chapter in this compelling love story.

Mike Melinoe's "Insomnia" featuring Kendra Sells and The Teeta is a creative and soulful record that is reminiscent of a song that would've been cooked up in OutKast famous studio "Stankonia". It's brilliant and its story telling and innovative in it's approach from the vocal performances, mixing, and production that makes for an incredible record.

Check out Mike Melinoe "Insomnia" featuring Kendra Sells and The Teeta below as well as follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!





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