Mike G - Wreckless

18 Dec

"The coupe double cupped, you see me leanin it"

One of the wonders of the world is how does someone find motivation when they've done so much? How can one keep a standard of excellence every time when their name is already cemented as great. It could possibly be a love for the game or just a love for the craft but whatever one's motivation could be Mike G continues to make amazing music with his new song "Wreckless".

We first got to post Mike G on the Global Media Blog with his innovative and lyrical track "Burton" and is back with more fire on his new song "Wreckless". Mike G's rapping is perfect from his flow that's oozing confidence, his lyrics that are as slick as it gets with lines like "A rockstar speeding off from the midnight club", and his delivery is masterful that drives the point home.

Mike G's "Wreckless" is the perfect combination of a vibe the masses can feel and real emceeing that anyone can enjoy. Mike G does everything right on this track from the gold standard display of rap over great production that makes this track another amazing track to an incredible catalog.

Check out Mike G "Wreckless" video below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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