Mike G - Burton

27 Nov

"If you want it, then you get it, no one's had it, then i need it"

A lot of things in life are about having balance. One of the main things this applies to is music. You always want to give people the right balance of everything they love and never be too much of anything. Mike G has the perfect balance of everything I love with an infinite amount of hard lines over a hard production that make "Burton" a must hear.

Mike G is relentless in his approach on "Burton". Mike never slacks for a second over this production that sounds like a hard score for the final level of a video game, as Mike shows he's the true master with his razor sharp pen. Mike G's flow is raw and oozes confidence that delivers his bars like "We fight for the same things but, we in a different league" perfectly.

Mike G gives an amazing display of hip hop craftsmanship. Mike is truly on point in every aspect of his game and definitely has a winner with his song "Burton"

Check out Mike G "Burton" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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