Midas.Gold - Passions

01 Nov

"These lil n**gas can't flex on me"

The thing that keeps music going is originality and creativity. As much as music especially hip hop can be a copy cat game it's still the most creative who shine the brightest. Midas.Gold shines like the jewel on his new song "Passions".

Midas.Gold shines bright on the hip hop/ electronic fused track "Passions. The production is incredible by James Angus with UK Garage and Drum & Bass that makes the beat sonically amazing. Midas.Gold takes advantage of this and raps in a style that sounds like Future on steroids.

Midas.Gold is relentless and vicious in his approach on "Passions" as he lays into the production with high energy, while giving you nothing but flavor in his rhymes that makes for an amazing experience for the listeners.

Midas.Gold "Passions" is gold standard music that anyone can love and appreciate as he gives you his own special flair on this track that is fire.

Check out Midas.Gold "Passions" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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