Memphis Hip Hop Artist Tay Rob takes on the journey of his influences, "Square One", and what he has coming for his fans

16 Jan

A lot of different people have their opinion on what an undeniable talent is. For me a undeniable artist is just an artist who can go beyond the subjectivity of music and be recognized no matter what someones preference is. When I heard Tay Rob's "Square One" I knew he had a talent that could not be denied and hoped to learn more. Tay Rob was gracious enough to take the time to answer a few questions for us. Below is the interview.

Who is Tay Rob the artist?

Tay Rob is a kid from Memphis, Tennessee that has always had a dream of doing music. Somebody that used to watch the BET Awards and Grammy Awards like "I want that to be me on stage one day," or "that's gonna be me in the future." Tay Rob is someone that wanted to standout from other artists by bringing lyrical content in a clean, non vulgar, and unique way. Someone who wanted to bring a positive and motivating message to people.

What are some of the influences for your style?

I would have to say J. Cole first and foremost. J. Cole was someone that I listened to all the time when I was beginning to learn how to rap. His flow and rhyming patterns were things that I tried to imitate early on when I first started but I am now starting to find my own style. Dave East was another person that influenced me. Not from a content perspective, but his cadence and delivery was one that stood out to me. I feel like I took bits and pieces from both of those artists to create a unique style to go along with my non vulgar lyrics. It's many other artists that have influenced me such Kendrick Lamar, Royce Da 5'9, Drake and Andre 3000 just to name a few, but J. Cole and Dave East were the 2 main artists that I feel influenced me the most.

What was your approach when creating your new song “Square One”?

With "Square One," I wanted to create a song that stood out from other songs that I previously released. I wanted to keep my same rapping style but I wanted a song that had more energy than what people are used to hearing from me. I also wanted to create a song that could make a statement in a sense. A statement to say, "hey I'm ready to go all out with my music from this point on." I wanted to create a song that would give me a fresh start to what I feel will be a great year and great years to come. 

How does it feel now that “Square One” is out to the people?

It feels like I've been able to give people what I have been wanting to give people for a while now. I wanted to give people solid lyrical content but at the same time give them something that they can vibe to and have fun with. The responses I have gotten for this track have been amazing and it makes me feel like I have to keep going at this. It feels great to know that "Square One" resonated so well with people.

What can people expect next from Tay Rob?

I feel like people can expect more good music from Tay Rob. I feel like people can expect some good music videos as well. I'm still working on my hashtag "Road To Hungry And Humble" campaign which will lead into a project of some sorts sometime next year. People can still expect me to do my #16BarSundays vides every Sunday, where I pick a different beat to rap over on my Instagram. If anybody wants to follow me, my Instagram is @itstayrob. Overall I think people can expect more grinding and more hard work from me.

Check out Tay Rob "Square One" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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