MATES & Trap Toni - Revenge

02 Oct

"Trap Toni in this b**ch and I'm out here for revenge!"

I always try to find the best music possible when posting on this blog. In that pursuit I hear a lot of music and sometimes I get stuck in a stretch of music just not good for the ears. In the heat of the moment of looking for a smash I find everything i'm looking for as Detroit's own MATES and Ft Myer's Trap Toni bring a smash with their new song "Revenge".

MATES & Trap Toni craft together nothing short of pure fire on this infectious bass driven production. The track starts off with a distorted sample that instantly catches me and thinking "Just don't mess it up". Foolish thoughts as they come together and knock this track completely out the park as they flex all over this commanding beat as the slick lyrics steal the show with lines like "We breaking up like we talking on Sprint"

MATES & Trap Toni bring all the drip you'll ever need with this smash "Revenge" that'll become your new favorite anthem. Check out the track below and also follow them on social media. Stay Global my Friends! 

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