Massiah - Holy Smoke

25 Feb

"I will walk through hell just to keep my bros"

We make it known that Mondays are all about excellence and exudes excellence more than an artist with their own signature style. An artist who creates and perform at a high level giving you high class material of audio with every second their song is played. That is everything Massiah gives you with his new song "Holy Smoke".

Massiah is on fire on his new song "Holy Smoke" takes on the standard way Hip Hop is done present day and flips in his own way while still showing his great lyrical ability in a way this is truly brilliant in it's articulation. Massiah's well polished flow also shines on "Holy Smoke". The flow is fine tuned and mastered as he maneuvers through this production that his bars bounce off every drum perfectly.

Massiah's "Holy Smoke" is everything that Hip  Hop is supposed to be. Displaying your own unique style while still keeping your integrity as an emcee. Massiah performs at a high level and truly shows he's a master of all of his abilities as a stand out emcee from the flow, lyrics, and delivery he hits the target with ease.

Check out Massiah "Holy Smoke" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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