Marcus Black - Horses

08 Nov

"I don't date, I take b**ches to Chick Fil - A"

Music can be appealing for many different reasons. Some for the sound, the emotion it brings, or the thoughts it provoke, and some music just has that bounce and instantly grabs you. Marcus Black's new song "Horses" is the latter as it's an exciting display of hip hop that has flair at every turn.

Marcus Black was first on the Global Media Blog with the amazing "That's My N**ga" featuring Kevin Gates and on his new song "Horses" he's better than ever. Marcus waste no time showing his high caliber skills, instantly grabbing your attention as soon as the hard production kicks in as Marcus Black manhandles the beat with all flex.

Marcus Black's "Horses" sounds like the soundtrack to a city of excitement with his upper echelon flow and flashy lyrics really being on full bloom that make this track superb with unlimited repeat value.

Check out Marcus Black "Horses" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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