Marcus Black feat Kevin Gates - That's My N**ga

26 Oct

"When I was down, she held it down, just like she promised"

Hip Hop has always been an outlet for artist to tell their stories. These stories can range from a lot of different topics including love. Hip hop has had it share of Bonnie and Clyde type records like 2Pac "Me and My Girlfriend", Notorious B.I.G. "Me and My B*tch, and Jay Z and Beyonce "Bonnie and Clyde 03" just to name off a few. The adoration for these songs are always huge as people can relate them to their own life and lover. Marcus Black has the new song for that collection with his new song "That's My N**ga".

Marcus Black skillfully tells the tale of the old saying "Your girl can be more down than your n**gas" on this amazing track as he displays extraordinary rap skills with a polished and focused flow that brings excitement to the track. Marcus Black oozes confidence all over "That's My N**ga" with superb pen skills on the verses and an amazing hook that really make this track a winner.

Marcus Black enlists Baton Rouge legend Kevin Gates for the feature as he steps up to the plate and masterfully delivers a great verse to take a record that was already in the stars and helped it get past the moon.

Check out Marcus Black featuring Kevin Gates "That's My N**ga" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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