Manny P - Solitude

28 Oct

"Hello, How you doing, I been hanging with my f**kin self”

There is nothing more subjective than music. What may be someone’s favorite song may just be garbage to the ears to another. There are some songs that exceed any taste and are undeniably good no matter ones taste. Manny P’s new song “Solitude” is one of those songs that are undeniable.

Manny P gives you a flawless performance on “Solitude” that takes me back to the first time I heard Isiah Rashad on his “Cilvia” project. Manny P displays the perfect balance of versatile flows and hard rhymes with lines like “Car won’t start I’m lost in hell, what is real I can’t even tell” that leave you stuck in your seat.

Manny P’s “Solitude” is a hip hop masterpiece as he is brilliant in his approach over this hard production that he shines own from beginning to end.

Check out Manny P’s “Solitude” below and follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Stay Global my Friends!

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