Mamy Dope - Misunderstood 2

20 Nov

"I listen and learn, stack what I earn"

Hip Hop is more exciting than ever! You can find good hip hop anywhere now and we're far from the days of rap music being an east coast thing. Now hip hop is a world thing and South East London's Mamy Dope shows he has skills and he's here to stay on his new song "Misunderstood 2"

Mamy Dope talents are on full display on "Misunderstood 2" as he gives you inspirational vibes over this mellow trap beat. Mamy's songwriting is on full bloom as he shines bright telling the story of his grind with amazing lyrics in the verses that are accompanied by an infectious hook.

Mamy Dope's "Misunderstood 2" is that real music you can feel as he gives his all into the mic and projects magically through the speakers, to engage you from start to finish. The production is great and Mamy Dope is even better with this record you'll have on repeat for sure.

Check out Mamy Dope "Misunderstood 2" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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