Malik Yusef - Cocaine Cowboy

21 Nov

"Known for having good blow, code name Coltrane"

One of the big questions in life is "What do you do once you reach success?". How do you keep going when you reach unimaginable heights in your career that one could only dream of. The six time Grammy award winner Malik Yusef answers this question brilliantly on his innovative new record "Cocaine Cowboy" off his "The Matte Blaque Experience: The Ballad of an American Dope Boy: White Horse." project.

Malik Yusef's pen game is masterful on "Cocaine Cowboy" as his words are truly poetic and imaginative, as he uses his words as the perfect paint brush for this canvas of music, to give the perspective of the dope boy. Malik's words are slick all over this synth heavy production especially with double entendres like "I got the China for the Lo Mein".

Malik Yusef's "Cocaine Cowboy" is a true musical masterpiece from the vocal performance, superb lyrics, and amazing production, Malik gives you everything you could musically ask for.

Check out Malik Yusef "Cocaine Cowboy" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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