Malcolm Anthony - 21 Savage/ A lot Freestyle

31 Dec

"I got a big mac, no fries, just in case a n**ga wanna press my line"

New Jersey has a rich history of lyricist. Since the days of notables like Redman, and Joe Budden, while also having a heavy impact in battle rap culture with standouts like Tsu Surf and Arsonal. You can expect some high level emceeing from New Jersey emcees and Malcolm Anthony keeps the tradition going with his new song "21 Savage - Alot Freestyle".

Malcolm Anthony takes this 21 Savage beat and makes it his own taking this bull by the horns and manhandling it at every turn. The lyrics are hard, the flow is relentless, and the delivery is vicious as his execution is perfection at it's finest.

Malcolm Anthony's "21 Savage - Alot Freestyle" is an incredible hip hop record that is daring in it's articulation. Malcolm keeps the New Jersey tradition of lyricists alive and shines all over this track, as he displays true hip hop craftsmanship, while he shines in every category of emceeing from beginning to end.

Check out Malcolm Anthony "21 Savage - Alot Freestlye" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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