Mak - They Don't Feel Me

23 Oct

"We not similar I was living a cinema"

Only thing constant in life is change. Nothing lives by that mantra more than music. With music always changing and evolving it's hard to keep track of what's exactly in or not. With all these changes music doesn't always give the streets the voice that it needs cause in the words of Atlanta legend Big Boi "If you don't have the streets, you don't have nothing". Mak has the streets on lock with his new song "They Don't Feel Me".

Mak's "They Don't Feel Me" ironically is a song that you can feel in the soul of your hustler spirit. Mak has an ambitious flow and his rap voice has so much pain and grit in it that you instantly get engaged and want to hear his story cause you know this emcee has something to say over this hard production.

Mak is not only all flow on "They Don't Feel Me" as his lyrics are on point as well with him spitting real lyrics like "When you born in the game you be 10 toes deep" that make you want to chant "Talk ya shit" as you vibe out to this hip hop masterpiece.

Check out Mak "They Don't Feel Me" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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