MadeyByDubs - In My Zone

12 Oct

"Once I'm in my zone they can't catch me"

Being an artist versatility is key to longevity in the music game. You can always master something but showing just how far your range helps determine your range of how many people you connect. MadeByDubs has consistently shown versatility just from his mixing, producing, and heartfelt lyrics but this time out on his new song "In My Zone" he shows us that he can really spit.

MadeByDubs goes hard on the track "In My Zone" and uses the full minute and thirty six seconds to really snap on a beat and show he knows what true emceeing is as he gets a beat and snaps all over it. MadeByDubs states in the quick hook "Once I'm in my zone I'm on" and he is on fire!

MadeByDubs is higher upper echelon flow and dope lyrics that his fans will love and will bring a new demographic of fans as well who just like to hear straight bars over hard beats.

Check out MadeByDubs "In My Zone" below and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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