MadeByDubs- Wherever You Want"

04 Oct

"Stay focused and you can go, Wherever you want"

Whats becoming a rarity in Hip Hop is inspirational messages in music. Music is more flash and big lights now with no ear to what's outside of that. MadeByDubs "Wherever You Want" is the musical hand to lift you up.

Back like he never left MadeByDubs is back with another great one. MadeByDubs is a talented artist and everything you hear is all by him. Including this amazing beat that sets the tone of his great message. MadeByDubs voice is briantally vulnerable on this honest track to pull the emotion needed to go on the ride of this song.

MadeByDubs "Wherever You Want" is the same great rapping and pure aware lyricism that you would expect from him with lyrics like "Ain't no cure for whats goes through our minds, but only you know what's right" but also still brings the magic in the hook that really brings it home and make it your go to.

Check out MadeByDubs "Wherever You Want" below and if you haven't already follow him on twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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