MadeByDubs - Small Talk

20 Oct

"The universe always listens, so always watch what you wishing"

In music anybody can be hot for the moment. Being hot can just be the right song at the right time, the right gimmick at the right time, or that right trend to be hot but excellence in music comes from consistently being great and making greatness become a habit. MadeByDubs displays excellence with every song being high quality and giving you visuals for everything that are up to standard. MadeByDubs new song "Small Talk" is no different.

MadeByDubs production game is always on point and on "Small Talk"  he crafts together a hard mellow beat with drums that he just snaps on. MadeByDubs has a vulnerability in his voice when he raps that makes you feel what he's saying instantly as he gives the message to talk about the things that matter instead of the trivial small talk. 

MadeByDubs "Small Talk" is great in it's articulation as every line is a quotable in it's own right with lines like "I got no time for secrets, I'm always out for them funds." that could be the caption of your flyest pic on the gram.

Check out MadeByDubs "Small Talk" and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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