MadeByDubs - I'm With You

01 Oct

"I been searching for my place everyday, it's like I'm hunting"

Monday's are always the day I try to start the week fresh by bringing the best music I can. Bring music to you that I find to be special, that has a certain thing about it that speaks to me. The multi-talented MadeByDubs has that feel with his new track "I'm With You".

MadeByDubs crafted everything you hear on this heartfelt track from the mixing, recording, lyrics and production on this song that has a vulnerable yet dark love feel about it that's comparable to the Notorious B.I.G. track "Me and My B**ch". 

MadeByDubs has a wide range of topics he covers especially in his first verse as he covers the reverse effect the medical industry has as it's poisoning the very people that it's paid to heal but the magical part of the track is the hook "There's days it comes , There's days it goes, when I'm with you baby that's all i know, when I'm with you baby come to take me home, when I'm with you baby that's all I know."

MadeByDubs crafts together a masterpiece in this track "I'm With You" that you will enjoy. Check it out below and also follow him on twitter. Stay Global my friends! 

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