MadeByDubs - Hollow

05 Nov

"They talk a lot but they don't say much, they hollow"

Mondays are always the day I try to bring the best music that you will need for the new week and who other to post than the multi - talented MadeByDubs. Dubs has made himself a regular on the Global Media Blog with consistent excellent music that the people can enjoy and his song "Hollow" is another great body of work to add to his resume.

MadeByDubs has a lot of different things he is good at musically but he always shines the brightest with his melodic rap style that always connects with the heart and makes you want to sing along as you vibe out to the music. MadeByDubs gives you everything that you love from the artist on "Hollow" with great mellow production, on point lyrics you feel, and a vocal performance that brings it all home.

MadeByDubs "Hollow" is a great addition to the collection of music Dubs has accompanied with a visual to really sell the artist to his fans and for new fans to become acquainted.

Check out MadeByDubs "Hollow" below and follow him on Twitter! Stay Global my Friends! 

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