MadeByDubs - Froze

31 Oct

"It's meditation every time I'm on these beats"

I'm a fan of many artists and different traits of an artist. I like a talented an artist but what I love more is an artist who is hard working and has crazy hustle. When an artist is not only talented but resilient in their pursuit, they must be acknowledged and given their just due. MadeByDubs deserves all the praise for his new song and video "Froze".

MadeByDubs gives you everything that you love from him on "Froze" from great production, incredible lyrics, and a brilliant performance that you can feel. MadeByDubs has mastered the art of connecting with the listener emotionally and it's on full bloom on "Froze" with the hook really placing it's hands on your heart.

MadeByDubs "Froze" is truly art as Dubs maneuvers through this production with piano keys that set the perfect tone and him giving us good music that we love from him.

Check out MadeByDubs "Froze" below and follow him on Twitter as well as check out website. Stay Global my Friends! 

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