Lul Lion - $Tsla (Album Review)

29 Apr

"What you wanna do it don't matter to me"

The amount of artists and music out there is truly infinite present day. There's no shortage of great work to check out, but some people are just undeniable stars. No matter what you like or what you've head before, there are some people that sound so special, you know they are destined to be a special kind of great. That's exactly what Lul Lion out of Tennessee brings to you with her new project "$Tsla". 

Lul Lion was first on Global Money World with her song "Parkour". Our first time getting a glimpse at her greatness and she shut the house down when she performed at Free Sons Fest 2019. With this new project "$Tsla" she shows her musical genius to the fullest. Let's deep dive below.

WYD featuring Tim Gent: A perfect intro track to let you know what to expect moving forward. The production is a trap dreamy vibe, that meshes with her voice that has a certain level of sophistication and vulnerabilit,y that makes magic happen every time. She enlists Tim Gent for the track who gets busy with his wavy lyrics, that makes a perfect statement for this first track.

In My Zone featuring Billy Blast & OGTHEGAWD:  "I need a super bowl, I'm out of control". Lul Lion keep the momentum going on the second track, that is the perfect hand off for this project. The chorus is pure gold to start it off, with Billy Blast and OGTHEGAWD stepping right into their bags to make you bounce on this track you can vibe to. The verses are on point and makes this track an audio gem.

Carver Park:  Lul Lion's songwriting shines on this track that may be my personal favorite.  The production keeps this project sonically brilliant, while she brings her fresh approach to music making, to create a one of a kind experience. The lyrics are all game, giving gems in every bar and being delivered with masterful execution, as her star presence is felt all over this record.

U:  "Turn this trap house to a home" A stellar record showing her skills at full bloom filled with love lyrics in a way filled with confidence and swagger, while her signature melodic cadence makes everything filled with light to shine all over any track she graces. 

Mandy Mercury:  The sound is a continual vibe from the groundwork already established that keeps this thing going just right. It's some of Lul Lion's best work with her vocals harmonizing in the background, while she spits effortlessly with a flow as fluid as water, with a sharp pen that may be her best rapping display on the project, as she goes in full super hero mode on this smash.

Big Face Hunnids: The perfect track to follow up "Mandy Mercury" with the skip button being a non existent factor on this project. It's a smoother vibe that flows perfectly, while showing her range and creating a track reminiscent of work from Future's "HNDRXX" project that you can get lost in.

2 Tenn featuring Daisha McBride: "It get hot in the south" We first heard this track at Free Sons Fest 2019 and it's even better than we remember. A record packed with plenty of bravado with Lul Lion and Daisha McBride rocking every single second of the track. The features picked were perfect for this project with this song making the perfect statement of how busy, everyone got on this superb work of art.

Diamonds In The Night: The perfect finale for a musical art piece.  Lul Lion gives you everything and more on this final track, on what is truly an amazing body of work. This final song combines everything that she gives you throughout the project from amazing songwriting, great melodies, and banging production to make this a stand out project across the board.

Lul Lion "$Tsla" may be the best project that you will hear from any artist this year. The creativity and execution of her musical skills is truly unique and unmatched, as she lets her star presence be felt, as well as her musical genius.

Check out Lul Lion "$Tsla" below and follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!  

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