Luch Skywlkr - Boost 700

30 Nov

"i'm hungry, I gotta get it, no room for the opposition"

Philadelphia has made it's presence felt in hip hop for sometime now. When you hear about a Philly rapper you expect for them to have high class rap skills on the pen and a high powered flow with a masterful delivery. All of that is what Philly's own Luch Skywlkr gives you on his new song "Boost 700".

Luch Skywlkr is daring in his articulation on "Boost 700" in the times where hip hop is simplified, Luch takes over and gives a true master class performance of emceeing. Everything that you judge an emcee on Luch passes with flying colors from the hard lyrics, the amazing flow, and delivery that hits the mark every time.

Luch Skywlkr's "Boost 700" is that hip hop you will want to share with the world, as he shines bright all over this hard production with his impressive caliber of genius on the mic, that will make him a  household name.

Check out Luch Skywlkr "Boost 700" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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