Lowkey - The Return of Lowkey

29 Jan

"I don't need a label, I'm signed to the truth"

Great music is all about setting a tone and creating scenes with your words for the listener to view. Not every emcee can do this, but the great ones can do whatever they want and that's exactly what Lowkey does with his new song "The Return of Lowkey".

Lowkey gives a superb display of Hip Hop excellence with his new song "The Return of Lowkey". Lowkey sets the tone from the beginning with people cosigning his skills, immediately setting the perfect tone for him to come spitting with venom, and putting on an action packed display of rap that visually would look like a blockbuster action packed sequel. The lyrics pack a punch with excitement in every bar, The flow is ferocious and completely owns the hard production, and it's all delivered to perfection to make this track undeniable.

Lowkey's "The Return of Lowkey" is high class Rap at it's finest. Lowkey shows everything that a top tier emcee should be, giving you high level bars, high powered flow, and masterful delivery to create audio perfection. This track is a statement and we hear Lowkey loud and clear.

Check out Lowkey "The Return of Lowkey" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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