Louis - Unfair

28 Jul

"No time for you this life's unfair"

Louis lets you know to start off his track title "Unfair". The track starts off with the catchy hook that Louis controls with his monotone voice that is filled with swagger with smooth quotable lines in the hook such as "She wants someone to hold on to I don't care, if she loves me for myself that's very rare"

Louis chooses to use a start and stop cadence through the track that makes you crave for more in each line. He also uses an echo effect through the chorus that helps you get lost in the track that meshes well with the ambient sounds of the track that makes it an easy track to get lost in.

If you're looking for the sounds of your today and tomorrow Louis is definitely an artist for you to check out. Check out his song below and follow him on twitter. Peace and stay love!.



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