Louis Crowley - Mileage

08 Nov

"If the location is music, you can find me there"

I was once told that it takes years to be a great artist. I found that to be true from my own personal experience, but some people are just naturally gifted when it comes to music. Louis Crowley is one of those gifted people with his first official single release "Mileage" that has true polish and craftsmanship of a vet in the game.

Louis Crowley makes a smash with "Mileage" making you bounce as soon as the production starts. Louis has a great melodic style that makes for great listening experience, as well as a style that is catchy that will make people fans quick.

Louis Crowley's style is superb and brilliant on "Mileage" with his sound being mainstream while still being intricate with the lyrics like "We say that we vibing, but sometimes we don't really care" that really show is full range as an artist.

Check out Louis Crowley "Mileage" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!




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