Locals Only Sound- Billions

02 May

"Do it for the city"

Hip Hop and R&B are two genres that go hand and hand in making great music. Far from the beginning of these two being separate entities to coming together to make one cohesive amazing sound. Some timeless classics have been made when Hip Hop and R&B have been put together just right and you can add Locals Only Sound's new song "Billions" to that list.

Locals Only Sound comprised of Gray Hawken and Curtis Smith, style is the perfect fusion of Hip Hop and R&B on "Billions". The lyrics, production, and cadence are very much Hip Hop, but the vocal performance filled melodies, gives it that certain soulful sophistication that you feel with every word. Locals Only Sound have a commanding swagger on "Billions" as the lyrics drip nothing but sauce all over this production, with hard drums and ambient synth pads that mesh well with their vocals.

Locals Only Sound "Billions" brings a fresh approach to music making that pays major dividends for this dynamic duo. The record is a song with unlimited replay value that you will want to hear over and over again.

Check out Locals Only Sound "Billions" below and follow them on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!




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