Lo Thraxx - Ness'n

"I was stressing, then God blessed me with finessin"

Hip Hop is very bravado driven. Some rappers display their swagger in different ways. Some very loud and some just show a certain type of finesse to their craft. Lo Thraxx shows a very special finesse on his new track "Ness'n".

Lo Thraxx has a ghetto sophistication about himself on "Ness'n" that works magnificently over this production, that includes a nice sample matched with some knocking drums. Lo Thraxx swagger is sharp and his lyrics are sharper as he gives you lyrics that are executed masterfully from his flow I can only describe as "Player".

Lo Thraxx "Ness'n" is what happens when a rapper is on his game in ever facet from flow, lyrics, and content over the right beat to create a hip hop masterpiece. Lo Thraxx is on point and gives a smash with plenty of reply value.

Check out Lo Thraxx "Ness'n" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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