Lit Riq - Patience

29 Oct

"Life's a b**ch, I just bought the ho a wedding ring"

A key to elevation in this game is consistent work of excellence. Every time you bring music to the table it's on point and lives up to a high standard of great music. Lit Riq is back on the Global Media Blog with his continued standard of incredible music with his new song "Patience".

Lit Riq gives you everything on "Patience" from great lyrics to diverse flows that you can pick any of them as your favorite over this over this smooth production that I can only describe as "Player". 

Lit Riq is relentless in his approach on "Patience" as you can hear the ambition in his voice as he fires off his raw lyrics that you can feel with his masterful delivery with lines like "Now that I'm blessed, no reason to stress, so if the devil come knocking tell him to be my guest" that really knock it out the park.

Check out Lit Riq "Patience" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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