Lit Riq - 3AM

11 Oct

"They say I'm on my way to stardom, I say who is you tellin"

When I was younger my older cousin who was the rapper of the family told me "It takes year to be a great rapper". which I found personally to be true with learning how to actually write rhymes, finding direction, and getting your flow right. Some people it takes years and some people are just naturally a rapper. This 18 year old rapper Lit Riq is a natural whose skill level is beyond his years.

Lit Riq is out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana and carries on the great tradition of rappers out the city who really put on for the city and for the streets on his new song "3AM". Lit Riq spits with ambitious flow and you can hear the drive in his voice that he really wants this and at the pace he's going he will definitely be another breakout artist.

Lit Riq's "3AM" is the perfect blend of trap production you can feel and hard introspective lyrics you can feel as he run laps around any hater or doubter in his way while staying true.

Check out Lit Riq's "3AM" now and also follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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