Lil Webb - Space Jam

30 Dec

"Baby I'm a star I'm bout to blow, like supernova"

The new year is coming upon us and it's time for artists who plan on breaking out to make a move to separate themselves from the pack and make a statement on what people can expect from them come 2019, while also showing what there competition should look out for. Lil Webb is making his statement loud and clear that he's jacked in and ready to ball out with his new song "Space Jam".

Lil Webb first made an impact on the Global Media Blog with his song "Teenage Fever" and he's back and better than ever. Webb flexes his lyrical prowess over this hard space age production, as he takes off into another frontier. From the lyrics and flow, Lil Webb shows he's on another stratosphere packing a punch in every line and floating all over the track.

Lil Webb's "Space Jam" is something for all of his old fan and new fans to enjoy alike as he gives you something to enjoy now and look forward to his bright future. 

Check out Lil Webb "Space Jam" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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