Lil Spacely - Don't Approach

06 Dec

"Holy spirit in the flesh, blessings from touching my clothes"

There is nothing more subjective than the art form Hip Hop. Truly an art where two people can hear the same song and have completely two different opinions. As subjective as Hip Hop is some music is just undeniable. Lil Spacely is one of those undeniable talents with his new song "Don't Approach".

Lil Spacely is an emcee from West Sydney that will make a global impact. Spacely's style is infectious and it's ever so apparent on "Don't Approach". He's high energy and has the charisma of legends, as he carries the track masterfully with his high class flow, and has lyrics that makes his pen beyond respectable.

Lil Spacely has a lot to offer to the world and "Don't Approach" is a shining example of that. Spacely's rapping is phenomenal and meets the standard of all criteria for a great emcee from lyrics, flow, and content that make him a true stand out.

Check out Lil Spacely's "Don't Approach" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!]

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