Lil Jitt- Stuck In The Past

16 Oct

"She said she love me but she stuck up in the past"

Music attracts a lot of people for many different reasons. Some for the flash and flair of it and some for the emotion that it makes you feel. While some music makes you get hype and have a good time, some music takes you to a different place as it connects to the vulnerability in the music you can relate to. Lil Jitt new song "Stuck In The Past" does the latter as he crafts together a new age love song that the masses can relate to.

Lil Jitt is a masterful with his pen on "Stuck In The Past" as he gives deep vulnerable lyrics that he sings to perfection. Lil Jitt rap/sing cadence is just right for the song as you can feel every word he says as he takes you on an emotional journey.

Lil Jitt's "Stuck In The Past" is not only a great song you can feel but a hit that you will love as with his relatable lyrics and his hook that you will be singing for days.

Check out Lil Jitt's "Stuck In The Past" below and follow him on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!

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