Lil B- Options (Album Review)

18 Oct

Lil B has been the most influential artist of the decade. Ever since he blew up with his pretty boy swag and based freestyles. He has grown so much since those days to becoming a go to for conscious thoughts and advancing in self producing his music. The entire new wave of artists notably Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty pay homage to Lil B or THEBASEDGOD as their greatest influence. His new project "Options" is a collection of everything you love from him wrapped in one cohesive effort.

Lil B has always paid homage to the New Orleans rap scene since his Red Flame project and starts off the project with his cinematic feel on "Standing Ova Intro" feat THEBASEDGOD. Instantly on the next song "Drank on Your Lean" you notice the improvement in his production on the heavy synth song. He has creative lyrics and taps into his inner Roger Troutman for the chorus.

Lil B gives his dedicated fans aka LILBTASKFORCE nothing but options for songs to love from the heavy magnolia bounce on "Bounce 4 Dem Huneds" and "Hot Girl" to his innovative cover of Childish Gambino's "This Is The BasedGod". Lil B takes the listeners every which way from the variety of musical skills he displays including his lyrical prowess he boast on "I Got Options Which Way".

Lil B finishes his latest effort "Options" with the Metro Boomin collaboration "My House" that debuted late 2016 that is the perfect ending to this 34 track project that takes you back to his legendary "Everything Based" project.

Lil B "Options" is the best we've heard from him as his production is a good as it's ever been and his lyrics are raw and rare we love them. This rare collectible will satisfy all of his fans that have been requesting the same feel as his "pretty boy swag" days, The fans that have appreciated his entire musical growth, and the new fans that wonder why we love the rare art from the artist we affectionately call "THEBASEDGOD". Lil B forever puts on for the bay area and in the words of Lil B "It's still waterfront and its still beanie pimpin". Thank You BasedGod!

Check out Lil B "Options" below and show love to his Twitter. Stay Global my Friends! 

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