L.I.A. - 10ft.

31 Oct

"I don't associate with lames, end of discussion!"

Hip Hop is easily one of the most male dominated things out there. From majority of artists being male and most of the content downing women, the difficulty of being a female emcee is at an all time high. For a female rapper to really stand out and be respected on the mic she has to be a monster and female emcee L.I.A. is as vicious as they come on her new song "10ft."

L.I.A. comes correct on her new song "10ft." that has nothing but flavor. L.I.A. has a vocal tone that is reminiscent of Da Brat but a style all of her own, showing nothing but confidence on the mic with her powerful flow that grabs you as soon you hear her say "Give me 10ft, don't stand too close to me, f**king up my energy, I'ma need my synergy".

L.I.A's "10ft." has the sound of an anthem you will hear in clubs all around the world, with people celebrating with their day ones and enjoying life to this incredible record.

Check out L.I.A. "10ft." below and also follow her on Twitter. Stay Global my Friends!



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